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JA24 Foods is female led Ghanaian business established in 2014 into the production of healthy foods. We started off with JA24 Farms to produce high premium multi-floral African honey, bee wax and propolis from the forests of Ghana. We sell under the brand name Honeyworld to retail shops, restaurants etc. Honeyworld continues to meet the high standards of the Foods and Drugs Authority and our consumers.

JA24 Foods has also added Virgin coconut oil produced from high quality coconut oil for cooking and beauty needs of customers. With the vision of the business been to provide healthier foods for the consumption of Africans and the world at large, we have recently added hibiscus tea.


Helping people live healthier by eating healthier


Providing organic food products for the African market and beyond


JA24 Foods has a social program where it trains the youth in rural areas of Ghana, with special focus on woman. This program started in 2018 in mafi , Adaklu and Luvudo communities of the volta region of Ghana. The aim is to provide an alternative source of income for them since crop farming is their main occupation which is now hampered by climatic change. We have since 2018 trained about 150 young people in sustainable beekeeping and provided them with hives and equipment.

Judith Attamah CEO JA24 FOODS

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